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Brake pads companies Ecuador.

If you are looking for Brake pads companies in Ecuador, you are in the right place. Contact us for a price for brake pads, brake discs in Ecuador.


Address: XHVJ+P49, Santa Rosa de Otas, Ecuador

Tel:XHVJ+P49, Santa Rosa de Otas, Ecuador

Plus code: XHVJ+P49, Santa Rosa de Otas, Ecuador

Independentemente de se tratar de veículos de passeio, comerciais, pesados ou motos, a Cobreq tem a solução ideal para atender o mercado. Como marca líder mundial de pastilhas para veículos comerciais, mercado para equipamento original e de reposição, oferecemos segurança e desempenho em nossos produtos, que apenas os produtos originais conseguem garantir.

Linha de produtos cobreq

2. Casa deportiva Pad Sport

Address: Avenue González Suárez, Cuenca, Ecuador

Tel: +593989237295

Plus code: 4226+56 Cuenca, Ecuador


3. Resiflex

Address: C. G, Quito 170132, Ecuador

Tel: +593993503900

Plus code

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4. Go Green

Address: Centro Comercial Paseo San Francisco, Piso: 3 Avenida María Angelica Idrobo, Quito 170901, Ecuador

Tel: +5931800222444

Plus code: RH27+74 Quito, Ecuador

Our purpose is reimagining energy for people and our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives

Brake pads | Empire City Auto Parts


5. Mega Kywi Samborondon

Address:W4HH+683, Samborondón, Ecuador


Wondering When to Replace Brake Pads?



6. Banh Mi

Address: Andalucía N24-234 y, Quito 170143, Ecuador

Tel: +593997702994

Plus code: QGV8+85 Quito, Ecuador

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7. Encebollado Cuarto de Libra Carchi

Address: Av. 9 NO 601 y, Guayaquil 090514, Ecuador

plus: R474+C2 Guayaquil, Ecuador

A Company committed to provide the Automotive Industry with products that ensures the crucial tasks of ROAD SAFETY and ECO FRIENDLY environment.

AVS offers Quality Products & Reliable Service to the Automobile Industry:

Brake Linings
Clutch Facings
Brake Pads
Brake Assembly
Clutch Buttons
Oil Brakes & Plates
Brake Rolls
Industrial Linings

How Brake Pads Work | HowStuffWorks



Address: P9MF+J3Q, Ambato 180207, Ecuador

Tel: +593986903535

Plus code:

Win the race against time with the new Haldex ModulT air disc brake. Its unique brake pad retainer design simplifies pad replacement. The entire air brake design is optimized to minimize the number of tools required for the job and reduce maintenance time. The lightweight 22.5-inch trailer brake delivers the durability and performance you’ve come to expect from Haldex. Win the race against downtime with Haldex ModulT.

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9. Mega Kywi La Garzota

Address: Av Isidro Ayora, Guayaquil 090513, Ecuador

Tel: +59342656110

Plus code: V456+5W Guayaquil, Ecuador

“We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, providing products and services that meet specified requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.”

10. Wok to Walk

Address: Mall del Sol, Av. Juan Tanca Marengo, Joaquín José Orrantia González 100 y, Guayaquil 090513, Ecuador

Plus code: R4V5+Q9 Guayaquil, Ecuador

Masu brake pads are rigorously tested in the lab & field to meet & exceed toughest quality standards for OE applications & tailored for local market requirements. Application specific design that consistently delivers optimal stopping performance in all conditions. Designed for extreme heat & continuous stopping, Masu’s brake pads feature, excellent pad strength & longer life.

Disc brakes and brake pad | Download Scientific Diagram

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